latest modeling(work in progress)

This is my latest modeling that i did few day when i free.This model not 100% finishing,it still have some detail need to build, just show the modeling here.
This work i trying to do international level to improving my skill, my rendering sense,and for now, i still no idea to do a scene and haven't name yet, if any suggestion will welcome ya. :p
After this few day i will do my rendering progress...
hope u all like it. enjoy !

4 条评论:

vjan 说...

not bad wer, looking forward to the final~ =)

ShiYao 说...

Thx ya, now still hv problem for rendering.....><

匿名 说...

nice rendering~~! currently i expose on MR also~~~!
but still not as good as you~~~hehehehe!
nice works!
may i know where you works now~~??

ShiYao 说...

thx ,your comments..hehe
i till looking for job..
so..everyday improve myself at home untill i get jobs..^^