Interior-Bed Room

3DMax2009/Vray 1.5 sp2


Zbrush practice-female~


Tank modeling in Max

My 1st simple model did in Max..><


ZBrush Practice Works


Collection tutorials

Well, i created new blog yesterday for collecting Tutorials.
It's convenient for me to seach those tut i want,
easy to find out relate website / artist blog....
So now i will share you all my tut that i found.
And if have good tut website, please to share with me too...



PracticeWork- Chair


[Render out 7 passes + compositing in Photoshop.]
Just for practice understand render passes in Maya ,
to created different way rendering.
Is learn everything form basic light & render.
::c&c will welcome ya.



Hoho~finally done it, i already did it 2~3 days.
But i just show my render.In fact, i had alot question for MR & texture.
It's not really contented with me, i need for help and suggestion. ><
::c&c will welcome.


latest modeling(work in progress)

This is my latest modeling that i did few day when i free.This model not 100% finishing,it still have some detail need to build, just show the modeling here.
This work i trying to do international level to improving my skill, my rendering sense,and for now, i still no idea to do a scene and haven't name yet, if any suggestion will welcome ya. :p
After this few day i will do my rendering progress...
hope u all like it. enjoy !


My Personal Demo Reel Mac09'

DemoReel Mac09' from S.ShiYao on Vimeo.
This is my reel i done it few months ago,i jz uploaded on vimeo which is high res. This reel that i show some my collage assignment, final project and practice works, and my expertise is modeler,animation,rendering...

So..enjoy my reel ya. :p


Character China Drama

Title : Character China Drama
Software: Photoshop

Ok, here was my character of China Drama that
i used 1day finish this work.So...
actually my 2d painting skill not so well,
if free, i hope can leave some comment or feed back for me.